Vocal Coach
Opera Singer


Bass voice, neutral French from France accent

Recording in a professional home studio with vocal booth

Turnaround 24h. Delivery via mail or ftp.
Invoice issue. Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Corporate, e-learning, product presentation, commercials, billboards, documentaries, narrations, sung voice over...


Production of home studio voice over recordings

Synchronization with existing videos in English, Italian, German or Spanish

Voiceover director. Directing of sessions with live translation English / French when needed

Production of singing recordings, all styles

Translation from English, Italian and German to French

Copywriting of scripts adapted for voice recordings

Recording sessions directed over the phone, Skype (david.roubaud2), Session Link Pro or Source Connect Now.


Your request
You send me by email (voiceover@roubaud.net) your text and your brief. You can also attach to the e-mail or upload on an ftp site sound effects files, soundtracks, beds, etc...to be mixed or taken into account for the recording.

For sung recordings, you can send me the score (PDF or Finale format) and the soundtrack (wav format), or possibly a midi file if you require an additional arrangement service.

Last but not least, for voice over with bed or sound effects as well as for singing services, you can ask for the voice alone track or for a recording mixed and masterized.

My offer
For spoken voice over services, I send you an offer within 24h by e-mail, with a custom demo of a short excerpt of your text attached.

For singing services, I answer you within 24h if my range allows me to sing your song, and depending on the complexity of the piece, I indicate you the requested delay needed to record a short custom demo mixed and masterized.

Our contract
If my technical and commercial offer suits you, you send me your order by e-mail, with the validated script attached. Please indicate the audio format you want (WAV, mp3, 48hz etc.), and the specific requirements such as synchronization or splitting into several audiofiles.

The recording will be sent via email or ftp.
Once validated, I send you an invoice. You can pay via Paypal (voiceover@roubaud.net) of via bank transfer (only from EU countries)

My Home studio

Condenser microphones Neumann, Rode, AKG
Vocal booth
Recording, Editing, mixing and mastering software : Samplitude
Tube preamplifier and compressor/expander
M-Audio FastTrack converter 192kHz/24bits
Monitoring headphones Sennheiser

Musical equipment

Midi files editing : Cubase
Scores editing : Finale
VST Sounds The Grand (Piano), Proteus (all instruments)
Instruments : acoustic and electric Pianos, cello, classical and electric guitars, acoustic drum set